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Welcome to the Transformational Speakers Podcast

Feb 8, 2019

Stephanie Bonte-Lebair is a voice coach, lifelong musical theater and opera performer, and award-winning sales trainer.  She not only coaches singers and speakers to use their voice with more power and impact, but she works with entrepreneurs on sharing their voice and message in a way that helps them build their business and make a bigger difference in the world.  Stephanie is an award-winning Certified Level 3 Trainer of B.A.N.K. ™, a personality profiling system that has been scientifically proven to predict buying behavior.  She combines her knowledge of the voice, stage experience, and years building her own business to help entrepreneurs and salespeople connect more powerfully with prospects and land more sales.

Stephanie is a talented coach, director, and inspirational speaker. She loves to speak to groups of all sizes about how they can leverage their voice to build their business and fulfill their dreams. Her mission is to help others stand in their power and be the voice of their passions!