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Welcome to the Transformational Speakers Podcast

Sep 27, 2018

Maggie hit a wall about eleven years ago when she found herself completely and totally overwhelmed with the stress of raising kids and this nagging feeling underneath it all that there simply had to be more to life. It was certainly a conflict with the way she was living her life and wanting to be there for her kids but somewhere in the mix, she felt like a piece of her was missing. This internal conflict left her feeling anxious, frightened, on edge all the time, quick-tempered, and impatient, along with so very lonely, isolated, scared and alone. She truly felt as though she was living by her "to do list" basically just surviving each day. The struggle was tangible. She found meditation as a way for her to calm her mind (and stress!) and the never-ending thoughts that pervaded. She wasn't really sure how this ancient practice was going to help her rediscover herself or jump-start the next chapter of her life. She just knew she had to put my skepticism aside, trust the process, and at least give it a shot. Heck, what did she have to lose?